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An Orchid To Die For

An Orchid To Die For

A rare tropical orchid, a new dead body!

It’s just another day in the tropical paradise that is Mariposa Beach — a small beach town community in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.

Dana Kirkpatrick is a San Francisco transplant living in paradise. At her bookstore slash cafe, she meets a young botanist working at a nearby Wildflower Refuge that is owned by Doña Elsa, a beloved old lady who fiercely protects the sanctity of her wildflower refuge.

Dana is excited to arrive at the refuge for a private tour when a blood-curdling scream sends everyone into a terrifying panic. Before she knows it they have arrested Doña Elsa for murder and they shut the refuge down while some shady characters seem very interested in some rare orchids only found in the protected land of the refuge owned by Doña Elsa.

Dana takes it upon herself to protect those orchids, but it might be a decision that will cost her dearly!

An Orchid To Die For is a fun international cozy mystery set in a small town beach community on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

If you love quirky characters, offbeat animals, and small beach town charm with a cozy mystery to solve, then you'll love this book and series!

This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.

About the Book
Series: Costa Rica Beach Cozy Mystery, Book 4
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tags: Beach Themed Cozy Mysteries, Books by KC Ames, Cozy Beach Mystery
Publisher: 17th Street Books
Publication Year: 2020
eBook Price: 3.99
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