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A Cookbook To Die For

Traditional Costa Rican recipes from the beach cozy mystery novels.
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What’s Inside?

A collection of typical Costa Rican dishes that are to die for! 

Several of the recipes were provided by my 89-year-old Mother who still lives in Costa Rica and loves to cook.

Picadillo de Papa

A delicious treat and a popular dish in Costa Rica.

Platano Maduro

Delicious side dish perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Casado Tico

Not really a recipe per se but a preperation and presentation of several dishes that makes the Casado one of the most popular dishes in Costa Rica.

Arroz con Leche

A delicious dessert from Costa Rica.

Ceviche Tico

Ceviche is wildly popular throughout the Americas so what makes a ceviche a Costa Rican ceviche? The secret ingredient is in the cookbook!

More Recipes in the Book!

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Sneak peek inside the cookbook!

About The Author

the author

K.C. Ames

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. I now live in San Francisco, California, but my entire family (mother, siblings, nephews, etc.) still lives there, so I try to get down there often to visit and to get inspired with new stories to tell.

The Costa Rica Beach Cozy Mysteries is a series of books set in the coastal beach community of Mariposa Beach. The town is a figment of my imagination… however, if you visit any of the small seaside towns you find in the Guanacaste Province’s Nicoya Peninsula, you’ll get the vibe of Mariposa Beach.

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